Vol. 20, no. 1, 2025

Sudarat Nidsunkid, Mena Lao, An Alternative Estimator for Path Sampling.
Ameer Dehyauldeen A. Al-Zamili, Ahmed Sabah Ahmed Aljilawi, Optimizing Logistic Regression with Enhanced Convergence: A Modified ADMM Approach.
Muayad G. Mohsin, Z. D. Al-Nafie, Differentiability of Mappings of Locally Convex Algebras.
Huda Kareem Nasser, Samira Faisal Abushilah, Smoothing Parameters Selection for Samples from Bivariate Circular Distributions.
Zainab Kamal Abdullah, Asma Abdulelah Abdulrahman, Efficient object detection technique using DWT based on deep learning.
Chatchawan Panraksa, A Note on the Exponential Diophantine Equation 8^x + 161^y = z^2.
Natdanai Chailangka, Apisit Pakapongpun, On a Certain Sequence of Sequence t-Neo Balancing Numbers.
Benjier H. Arriola, Shaleema A. Arriola, Bayah J. Amiruddin-Rajik, Sherlyn U. Sappayani, Independence-Preserving Operations: Effects in Polynomial Representations.
Sobri Abusini, Riski Nur Istiqomah Dinnullah, Simulation Analysis of Asymptotic Normality of Maximum Likelihood Estimation Based on the Fisher Scoring Algorithm in Generalized Poisson Regression Modeling.
Rakporn Dokchan, Nopparat Panngam, On the Diophantine Equation a^x+(a+5b)^y=z^2.
Nada M. Abd, Shatha A. Salman, The Similarity Between Two DNA Successions by Proposed Distance Estimations.
Duangkamol Poltem, Araya Wiwatwanich, A New Double Integral Transform for Solving Partial Integro-Differential Equation.