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Chatchawan Panraksa,
A Note on the Exponential Diophantine Equation 8^x + 161^y = z^2.
Int. J. Math. Comput. Sci., 20, no. 1, (2025), 41-43


Keywords and phrases:

Exponential Diophantine equation, non-negative integer solutions, number theory.


In this note, we revisit the exponential Diophantine equation 8^x + 161^y = z^2, initially studied by Manikandan and Venkatraman. Their work established that the equation has the two non-negative integer solutions: (1, 0, 3) and (1, 1, 13). Our findings reveal an additional solution, (2, 1, 15), and we show that these three solutions constitute the complete list of non-negative integer solutions for this equation. This extends and completes the main result presented in their paper.